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A "Gift of Hope" brings compassionate care to the hungry and the hurting, puts food on the table for the parent choosing between groceries and rent, and relief and comfort to seniors whose fixed income fails to cover the bare necessities.

We care for the vulnerable and the lost 365 days a year and on this special day: birthday, anniversary, Independence Day, Veterans Day, or just because you want to do something awesome for someone, your gift to The Salvation Army will honor the heart for others your loved one exemplifies.

Giving a "Gift of Hope":

:: When you
give a tribute gift using our safe and secure online form, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent by postal mail to the person you request to be notified.

:: You will even have the opportunity to send a custom eCard to celebrate too!
:: As with all online gifts to The Salvation Army, you will receive an immediate confirmation with a printable receipt for tax purposes. An email containing the details of your gift will also be sent for your records.

You can feel confident that your memorial gift is being utilized for good, as year after year our organization is recognized as having one of the highest donation to direct service ratios in the nation.

To give a memorial gift in honor of a loved one, please visit Memorial Giving.

Honor your family, friends and loved ones by making a “Gift of Hope”

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