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Adult Rehabilitation Program

Are you or a loved one is seeking a life of recovery? Please call 505.242.3112.

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For over 100 years, The Salvation Army has been providing assistance to people with a variety of physical and social afflictions through its United States based Adult Rehabilitation Programs (ARPs).

Adult Rehabilitation Programs began in 1881 when William Booth - founder of The Salvation Army - opened shelters for homeless people on the streets of London, England. His initiative quickly spread to the United States, and to this day, people come to us with issues of substance abuse, legal problems, relational conflicts, homelessness, unemployment and a need for spiritual awakening and restoration.
Drug and alcohol addiction are among the country's most destructive social problems, and The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Programs comprise the largest residential rehabilitation program in the United States.  This comprehensive program is free to the public and financed through our well known Salvation Army Thrift Stores.
Adult Rehabilitation Programs are probably the most widely known of all The Salvation Army services. They provide long term, social model, and residential recovery programs for individuals seeking to deal with substance abuse and other addictions. They seek to help participants regain self-worth, learn how to build an orderly and disciplined life and become contributing members of society. Each program participant is provided with a clean and healthy living environment, nutritious food, group and individual counseling, spiritual direction, work therapy assignments and recreational activities.

The ARP is made possible with the support of

The Salvation Army Thrift Stores

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